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Radon Testing in Delaware County & Surrounding Areas

Protect you family from the harmful effects of radon and schedule a certified and guaranteed radon test with Quality Home Services of Delaware Valley, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.
"EPA recommends that homes with Radon-concentrations of 4-pCi/L or higher be mitigated"

At Risk from Radon

Radalink Quality Home Services of Delaware Valley Ridley, PA
Radon testing is the only way to know if your family is at risk from elevated levels of radon. At Quality Home Services, we offer radon testing, which includes an hourly record of radon concentrations, room-temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure.
The radon monitor also has a built-in check source that performs a routine instrument check before every test as per EPA-CRM device protocol. Once the test is complete, our certified expert automatically uploads the data from the monitor using a phone line or Bluetooth connection and then a certified and guaranteed report is emailed to you, and all recipients that you approve for acceptance of report.
Certified with The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (Certification #1609 & Firm #1610)
and (NEHA)-100931-RT for Radon Testing with the Radalink Continuous Monitor
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